Being Myanmar was established in September, 2013 as a subsidiary company of Being Co., Ltd. Japan. Our parent company has been in the software development business over 30 years in Japan. We are the offshore development site to develop software which are the parts of the projects of our parent company.

Gaia Series Gaia Series

"Gaia" civil engineering estimation software, has been widely used in Japanese construction industry. It helps to estimate the cost of construction projects quickly and exactly for the tender process of construction. Being Myanmar is developing the part of this project named 設計書入出力オプション.

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BeingBudget BeingBudget

It is a system of budget calculation and estimation based on Data of Gaia System. Initial budget and other budget changes can be viewed clearly by using the comparison view feature. As more than one currency are supported, budget for oversea constructions are also estimated without any difficulty.

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